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College of Home Economics Azimpur, Dhaka.

The College of Home Economics was founded by American Ford Foundation & Oklahoma State University, USA and the government of East Pakistan in the year 1961 with just twenty-five students.

It was established as a constituent college of Dhaka University. On the first day of June 1961, the College of Home Economics opened its doors to students with Mrs Hamida Khanam as the founder principal
of the College of Home Economics. The classes of this college started in a building of Eden Girl’s College at Azimpur. Later, it was shifted to its own premises adjacent to that college. Within a short span of time, this College blossomed into a Graduate Institute and in 1963 emerged as full-fledged postgraduate College. M.Sc. courses were introduced in the college in 1963.

The University of Dhaka and Ford Foundation monitored the academic side of the college while the government of East Pakistan used to regulate the financial side. The University of Dhaka provided necessary initiatives and intellectual guidance to create effective syllabus for the graduation & Post graduation programme of the college. This responsibility now falls exclusively to the University of Dhaka. The Ford Foundation monitors the academic guidelines of the college and provides fellowships for its teachers, while all financial issues are overseen by the Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh.

Up to 1971, the Ford Foundation regularly appointed two academic advisors for two years terms to formulate syllabus, beside this they also provide books and resources for laboratories, and provide other academic cooperation. The Dean of Home Economics Department of Oklahoma State University was the representative of the Ford Foundation in charge of guiding the college in academic issues. The Founder Principal of the college Mrs. Hamida Khanam was assisted by teachers trained in different disciplines of Home Economics under Ford Foundation fellowships.

The college introduced B.Sc. honours courses in Home Economics in 1973. It now offers Honours and M.S. courses in Food and Nutrition, Home Management and Housing, Child Development and Social Relations, Related Art, and Clothing and Textiles. The 3 years honours course in five subjects were introduced in the academic year 1985-86 and then Master’s course in five subjects were first introduced in the academic year 1989-90. During its illustrious journey, the courses are modified and 4 years Honours course was introduced in the academic year 2002-03 and then M.S. course was introduced in the academic year 2007-08.

The college was specially set up for the benefit and development of woman in Bangladesh and dedicated towards offering a fixed platform for its students. Today, it has become a college that is well respected and appreciated for its educational standards. Now it is a well known and recognized for its strong academic background in the field of Home Economics.

The fields of Home Economics education that focuses on educating the learners in various areas of sciences, arts and Commerce’s so as to enable them to appreciate various components of quality of life; and to identify, create, and use resources and opportunities to attain best possible quality of life. However, it is well appreciated that several areas of studies, through provision of a variety of knowledge and skills have been and will be contributing to the betterment of individual family and community in several ways.

The College of Home Economics is the first women's college for Home Economics in Bangladesh and seeks to make its students agents of transformation and development at different stages of life. Its conviction of empowering women through education has remained steadfast and today it has established itself as one of the premier institutes providing women's education in Bangladesh.

The profile of this college carved out in 50 years of its functioning attests to its manifold achievements as the intellectual and moral powerhouse of the society. The College of Home Economics over the fifty years of glorious service to the nation has to its credit an impressive record in the education sector.

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