Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BAPEX finds gas in Noakhali

BAPEX, the country's lone gas and oil exploration company, found gas at Sundalpur in Noakhali district today.

"The gas flow started at 8.30 in the morning. . . We need time to say anything about its reserve," Petrobangla Chairman Dr. Hossain Monsur said.

Bapex began seismic work at Sundalpur in 2008 and found a potential zone there. To add fresh reserve, Bapex is now set to kick-off long-awaited exploration work in onshore areas of the country.

Analyzing the data of 2D seismic survey of different parts of the country, the state-run company has completed the land acquisition, development work at Srikail, Kapasia and plans to start the work in Mobarakpur and Netrakona.

Petrobangla Chairman said Srikail, Sundalpur, Kapasia, Mobarakpur and Netrakona are the onshore areas, which showed huge prospects as per data.

Aiming to increase gas reserve and supply, the Petrobangla has taken up "fast-track' programme under which a massive exploration, augmentation and reservoir study work would be taken.

Petrobangla high officials said no exploration work was carried out in last ten years in the country.

According to the National energy policy 1995, at least 36 exploratory wells should have been drilled by December 2009.

Petrobangla says that although the production of gas has increased, it is struggling to meet the demand of the country's industrial, power and commercial sectors.

In last hundred year's exploration history, only 76 exploration wells were drilled both in onshore and offshore Bangladesh.

News Source: BSS

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