Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bangladesh DV Lottery -2013

All the Bangladesh born people must understand that taking part in the DV-2013 is FREE. But if you are selected as a winner you must face the immigrant interview and at the time of the interview you must pay US$ 819 as American visa fees. This is non refundable one even if your visa id refused for any given reason. Many Bangladesh people loose their visa fees for not having their required educational qualification. Many people say that a two year work experience is enough to get the visa but this statement is wrong. You must have two years of work experience in JOB that is qualifying for the green card lottery. Not all the jobs are qualifying for the American Green card Lottery.

One person can apply ONLY one DV- 2013 application entry with his/her name. If happened to apply more than one, all the entries will be removed from the visa lottery program.

Entries are accepted only through the internet with your photo.

You must provide all your personal information correctly in the online DV 2013 entry form.

A married person who have eligible children at the time of your application submitting time must list wife and children on your application with their photos.
Source:http: //www.dvlotteryhelp.com/Bangladesh-DV-Lottery-Bangladesh-2013.php


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