Monday, July 25, 2011

Citycell PowerSMS : Citycell Bulk SMS

Citycell PowerSMS is web based interface for Enterprises/Individuals enabling them to send bulk broadcast to their customers/clients. Bulk messages can be sent to all operators in Bangladesh. Basically it allows corporate clients to send text-based Short Message in bulk from the internet to multiple mobile subscribers by logging on to a URL using the assigned Username and Password.

The user is able to initiate the message submission as well as carry out self administration via the user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Citycell PowerSMS is an instantaneous broadcast messaging system that has been developed for Enterprises/Individuals allowing them to send consumer promotions to the potential customers. It can be used for sending announcements, reminders, regular updates, notifications and greetings to their customer's mobile phones or even alerts to employees at their offices or in remote locations. It also allows them to track real time sales activities through web interface.

Basic Information:

  • Service Name: Bulk SMS
  • Brand Name: PowerSMS
  • Service Type: SMS Broadcast (web-based)
  • Content Type: SMS Push
  • Characters Support:160/ SMS
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